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Our summer selection of plants have been carefully selected for their durability and sustainability in the high desert heat. Below are a few examples of the summer items we carry they are the most common items used in the summer.


  • (Grows 14"-16") /Upright
  • Full Sun
  • Mix, Pink , Polka dot, And White Medium Blooms

Mediterranean Vincas:

  • Trailing (Grows 14"-16")
  • Mixed Blooms (Mediterranean) Best in pots, Hanging baskets, and balconies.


"Summer Snapdragons"

  •  Full to Part Sun
  • Upright(Grows 16"-24")
  • Cherry,Pink,Plum,Purple,Raspberry,
  • Rose or White blooms. 

Dreams Pentas:

  • (Grows 18"-22")/Upright
  • Full to Part Sun
  • Lavender, Mix, Pink, Red, And White blooms

"Summer Color"


  • (Grows 12"-16") /Upright
  • Shaded areas 
  • Multi-Colored Leaves.



  • Upright (Grows 6"-12" )
  • Shaded Areas  
  • Mix, Pink,Red or White blooms to

    green or bronze foliage.



"Potato Vine"

  • (Grows 10"-12") /Trailing-Mounding
  • Full to part Sun .
  • Lime color (Marguerite) or Dark Bronze (Blackie) Foliage